Transformational Breathwork 


The most immersive sound and healing experience to date

What exactly is 9D Breathwork?

-9D Multi-Dimensional Sound Experience

-Binaural Brain Entrainment -Isochronic Brainwave

-Tones Solfeggio

-Frequencies 432Hz

-Harmonic Tuning

-Somatic Breathwork

-Subliminal Hypnotic  Therapy

-Guided Vocal Voaching  Bioacoustics Sound Effect

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Discover the transformative power of breathwork, a profound practice designed to enhance your well-being and unlock your body’s full potential. Our expert-guided sessions will teach you to harness the art of conscious breathing, allowing you to alleviate stress, increase mental clarity, and elevate your energy levels. Experience the profound benefits of breathwork as you journey towards a more balanced and vibrant life. In this workshop you will have headphones and a eye mask to submerge you into this transformative journey and if you choose to surrender and allow yourself to be lead through a beautiful journey into your subconscious it may lead to a powerful release of what may have been holding you back in your healing.

Choose to join in a group workshop or a private session