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Welcome to Yours Essentially Healing where the journey of healing is not just a profession but a heartfelt mission. I'm Jasinta Sanchez, your dedicated massage therapist and the heart behind this endeavor. Graduating in 2005 from the Nevada School of Massage Therapy, I've immersed myself in the art of deep tissue techniques, injury protocols, and various sports modalities and Lymphatic Drainage for post-op Lipo, BBL & Tummy Tucks as well as a wonderful detox to flush out toxins. Infusing each session with a passion for holistic well-being.

In 2021 I started Yours Essentially In Home Parties where I collaborated with local practitioners where we bring the spa to your house or events space or a mini Holistic Retreat or even a Transformational Breathwork Workshop.

Beyond professional milestones, my heart swells with pride at raising my daughter, Zoe, and instilling in her the wisdom that pursuing dreams leads to true harmony and joy.

At Yours Essentially Healing, we invite you to experience not just a massage but a profound emotional healing journey. As a certified Breathwork facilitator, I offer transformative experiences perfect for group workshops, either at the comfort of your home or in our studio. Our passion extends to various healing modalities, including NLP, Hypnosis, Shamanic Journeys, and Reiki, creating a deeply emotional connection in every session.

Join us on this heartfelt mission of healing, where each touch is infused with dedication, compassion, and the genuine desire to foster well-being. Yours Essentially Healing is more than a business; it's a sanctuary where emotions intertwine with healing, and every guest becomes a part of our heartfelt story.

My office and workshop space is located in Tempe, AZ at Sozo Healing House where I am in a healing community of holistic practitioners that I highly recommend for acupuncture, holistic hair stylist, life coaching, Reiki Facials and more healing needs. We also have available for healing on a cellular level a Infrared Sauna. 

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